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BC's popular ski resorts open early

Staff writers
November 15, 2012 — It's the news eager skiers and snowboarders have been waiting for. Several ski resorts in BC have opened for the winter season.

Ski resorts in BC open early thanks to fresh snow and cooler temperatures
Ski resorts in BC open early thanks to fresh snow and cooler temperatures

Between cooler temperatures, natural snowfall and impressive snow making machines, some popular ski resorts in British Columbia are opening early this year. 

"We basically had no snow last Thursday, so we turned on the snow making system Thursday night," says Joffrey J. Koeman with Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver. "We've re-jigged it this year, added more space for more snow guns and really focused on opening one run as fast as we can." 

Koeman adds that plunging temperatures and over 30 cm of fresh snow over the weekend really "sealed the deal" for an early opening on Wednesday. 

"It basically went from green to white overnight," he says.

Outdoor enthusiasts are eager to hit the slopes
Outdoor enthusiasts are eager to hit the slopes

Ski operators say an early opening in November will mark a nice long season for riders.

"Historically, when you look back at our numbers it was December 1 when we opened, give or take a week on either side. So, definitely the snow making is getting us open nice and early," says Koeman.

Snow making has proved to be beneficial for other popular BC resorts including Grouse Mountain, which kicked off the winter season on Tuesday.

Whistler Mountain has also announced that they will open Saturday, November 17, five days ahead of schedule.

For several outdoor enthusiasts, this is the news they've been waiting months to hear. 

"Opening day is the best day of the year," said one eager rider that hit the slopes on Wednesday. "It's been 115 days since we last rode so, it's been a long summer," she laughed.

Wondering what the ski conditions are like in your area? Be sure to check the Ski Report before hitting the slopes.

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