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Adorable tigers born in China

Staff writers
July 26, 2012 — Take a look at these rare baby South China tigers.

There are only 200 South China tigers alive in captivity
There are only 200 South China tigers alive in captivity

The cubs were born in captivity two months ago at the Guiyang Forest Wildlife Zoo in China. 

The cubs had to be separated from their parents just days after being born because they were very sick. The baby tigers won't be reunited with mom and dad until they are three years old. 

The South China tiger hasn't been spotted in the wild in the past 25 years after being hunted to the brink of extinction. 

In recent years there have been isolated reports of individual sightings but many scientists consider the subspecies to be "functionally extinct".    

In the early 1950's the South China tiger population was expected to be 4,000. Presently, there are less than 200 alive in captivity. 

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