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Banning bottled water sales on a Vancouver campus

Staff writers
September 12, 2012 — Vancouver Community College (VCC) says the countdown is on towards eliminating on-campus sales of bottled water.

Digital fountain will track how many plastic bottles have been diverted from landfills
Digital fountain will track how many plastic bottles have been diverted from landfills

VCC is working to become the first post-secondary institution in Metro Vancouver to get rid of bottled water sales on campus.

The college and students' union signed a pledge back in March with a goal to make this happen by spring 2013.

"So, part of that is having much better water fountains on campus and also free water bottles for all the students," says Tiffany Kalanj, Student Union Executive Director at VCC.

Every student will be given a free, refillable water bottle to help make the transition a little easier. Three new digital water fountains have also been installed. Every time someone fills up, it will calculate how many plastic bottles have been diverted from local landfills.

"Everybody can go to the water fountain and keep their new bottles with them all day and hopefully continue to use tap water, enjoy our water and hopefully reduce waste in our landfills," says Kalanj.

Wendy Avis, manager of Environment and Sustainability at VCC adds that by eliminating water bottles, it will help to both save on the water that's used to produce bottled water as well as the plastics used to create them.

"So, whether they're recycled or go into landfills, still, if we don't use bottled water or plastic bottles in the first place, then we save them from having to be made."

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