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Beating winter blues with hot yoga

Farah Dhalla, reporter
October 2, 2012 — The colder weather ahead might get you thinking about ways to keep warm. Here's one way to heat things up even while standing upside down.

The temperature is set to 39C in the room
The temperature is set to 39C in the room

No matter what the temperature outside, its always steamy and sweaty in the Moksha Hot yoga room.

The temperature is set to 39 degrees but it feels closer to 45 with the humidity. And thats why people like Thommy Haller enjoy hot yoga.

The heat is good because it warms up the muscles so you can stretch without injuries," Haller says. "It also helps to move all the systems in your body faster. So your immune system, your digestive system. Everything works a lot more efficient in the heat.

Hot yoga originated in India. The room is supposed to emulate the climate in India. Just 10 minutes, and your bound to sweat in areas like your shins and elbows.
The sweat is great because it cools your body. It evaporates so its important to stay really well hydrated before and after class and that helps to detoxify," Haller explains.

For Sandra Ackerman, hot yoga has even more of an impact. She almost died from a serious car accident a few years ago. She was told shed never be able to walk again.

Beat the winter blues!
Beat the winter blues!

About a year and a half I wasnt able to do almost anything. I was in and out of the hospital and then I found yoga and yoga saved my life," Ackerman says. "Im in this hot room between 5 and 7 times a week. The temperature in here is about 100 degrees so it really helps with all the injuries. You can modify any pose and get in deeper because of the heat and really gets in to your joints so its really fantastic. It actually really saved my life.

And for others its an just an escape from the winter blahs.
I dont know how I would ever survive a Canadian winter without hot yoga," laughs Haller. "Its just too cold here to stay outside and not have at least one hot yoga class in a day."

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