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Brief warm spell in eastern Canada

Staff writers
March 9, 2012 — The beginning of March has started off on a warm note in the east, but colder temperatures are on the way.

Warmer temperatures have been causing snow to melt in eastern Canada
Warmer temperatures have been causing snow to melt in eastern Canada

On Wednesday, some areas in southern Ontario saw record breaking highs. By Thursday,parts of the Maritimesexperienced the same warm weather.

"The same system that brought warm temperatures to southern Ontario spread to Atlantic Canada Thursday, " says Rob Davis, a meteorologist at the Weather Network.

Temperatures soared into the double digits in the Maritimes Thursday afternoon, breaking records across the way.

Bathurst, New Brunswick reached a high of17.4C, smashing the record set back in 1995.

The warm-up however, was short lived. Temperatures will drop Friday as cold air pushes through from southern Ontario to the Maritimes.

"Atlantic Canada will start to see temperatures drop Friday morning, similar to what happened Thursday in Ontario" says Davis.

Quebec and Montreal also experienced records highs Thursday. Montreal broke the record set in 2000 by reaching 12.9C. Quebec also passed its record high by reaching 9.5.

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