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Burst of rain floods Edmonton's Parkallen neighbourhood

Heavy rain causes flooding in Edmonton
Heavy rain causes flooding in Edmonton

Staff writers

July 19, 2012 — Thunderstorms and heavy rain have caused flooding across parts of Edmonton.

Several reports of basement flooding
Several reports of basement flooding

Residents in Edmonton's Parkallen neighbourhood were faced with flooded basements and roads on Wednesday.

Up to 30 mm of rain fell in less than an hour soaking an already soggy city.

It was just last week when fire officials had to rescue drivers from their cars after water filled parts of the city's Whitemud freeway.

This latest bout of rain left cars inundated with knee-deep water once again. Some residents say they woke up and actually saw cars floating early Wednesday.

By the afternoon hours, officials had received between 10-20 reports of basement flooding. Although crews pulled some debris from the storm sewage system, the city plans to analyze exactly what happened and what caused the flooding.

Thunderstorm risk continues on Friday
Thunderstorm risk continues on Friday

The average rainfall for July in Edmonton is about 92 mm.

The city has already seen more than the monthly average so far, and that's thanks in part to frequent and powerful thunderstorms.

"Most of the rain in Edmonton has come in big bursts," says Rob Davis, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "So even though they've already seen an above average rainfall this month, the flooding has a lot more to do with the intensity of these storms and the heavy rain that comes with them."

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