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Air Travel in Canada

April 17, 2010 — An Icelandic volcano that's spewing ash is having an affect on air travel all over the world. Including flights in and out of Canada.

Flying to Europe?

Well you may be out of luck for the next couple of days.

A volcanic eruption in Iceland resulted in a massive plume of ash that has severely disrupted air travel across the world.

Hundreds of thousands of travellers are wondering if they'll ever get to their destination after flights were grounded for the third day in a row today. Almost two-thirds of Europe's flights were cancelled on Friday and the majority of airspaces across the continient have been completely shut down today.

And it's been the same story back at home.

Only a trickle of flights from Canada have been able to get to Europe over the past couple of days.

Scott Armstrong is with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority. He says Pearson International Airport is definitely feeling the effects.

“There were thirteen cancelled flights (yesterday) that were due to go out or arrive from Europe and I understand now that that will remain in effect, the closure of airspace, probably for a good portion of Saturday.”

So that means three straight days of cancellations.

“My understanding is that the airlines are making their decisions about cancelling purely on the safety factor.“

Although most travellers are eager to hit the skies, Armstrong says there are a few things you should do before running to the airport.

“Keep in touch with your airline. They're doing all they can to accommodate people and they've made allowances as far as rescheduling goes.”

For more details on the volcano's eruption, grounded planes across Europe and how the ash affects the air craft, click on the Related Links above.

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