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Canada's provincial flowers

Cheryl Santa Maria, staff writer

May 7, 2012 — Provincial flowers are blooming from coast to coast, thanks to April showers, sunshine and generally favourable conditions.

The lady slipper is PEI's provincial flower
The lady slipper is PEI's provincial flower

An unusually mild winter across many parts of the country has had trees and plants itching to bloom.

Canada's national emblem - the maple leaf - has been making an appearance for some time now. Viewers of The Weather Network reported maple tree buds as early as January of this year, about two months ahead of schedule.

On Sunday, our cameras captured trilliums - Ontario's provincial flower - in Huntsville. The three-petaled bloom joins the company of thousands of other flowers that have been flourishing across the country.


British Columbia

Pacific dogwood has represented BC since 1956. It's peak season for this cheerful flower, which has thrived this year, thanks to soggy spring weather.


The wild rose became Alberta's provincial emblem in 1930 after it was selected by a group of school children. Found across the country, wild roses can expect to make their annual appearance in late spring and early summer.


Saskatchewan made the western red lily its flower of choice in 1941. Typically found in meadows, forests and other damp, wooded areas, it has become a rare sight in the province due to urban sprawl and forest fires. Researchers are working to increase the germination of this protected species.


The Prairie crocus has been Manitoba’s flower for more than a century. Weather Network viewers have been spotting the lavender bloom in parks and suburbs across the province.


Communities across Ontario have been sporting trilliums since early April. They're doing well this year, thanks to consistent April showers.


Officially adopted as Quebec's provincial flower in 1999, the blue flag iris is found between the St. Lawrence Valley and the James Bay shore. They'll be dotting green spaces with their indigo petals in a few weeks' time.

The maple leaf is a proud Canadian symbol
The maple leaf is a proud Canadian symbol

New Brunswick

Purple violets are a common sight in New Brunswick. An official emblem since 1936, these tiny flowers are also the state flower of New Jersey.

Nova Scotia

The mayflower has been a proud symbol of Nova Scotia since 1901. Known as the first flower of spring, mayflowers were spotted in Yarmouth as early as mid-March this season.

Prince Edward Island

Last year, Lady slippers were out in full force across PEI. This brightly-coloured flower typically makes its debut in late spring.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Queen Victoria selected the pitcher plant to adorn a Newfoundland penny more than a century ago, but the deep red flower didn't become an official emblem until 1954. Found in bogs and marshes around the province, the pitcher plant is a carnivorous species that traps and eats insects.

The Yukon Territory

Fireweed is one of the first blooms to pop up after a fire. Considered a symbol of hope, it serves as a proud territorial emblem.

Northwest Territories

Mountain avens have represented the NWT since 1957. The bloom flourishes on rocky ground that is commonly found across the territory, and the species is related to Alberta's provincial flower.


Most people don't associate Nunavut with foliage, but purple saxifrages grow well in Nunavut's cool climate. Often spotted on mountains terrain, this purple flower brings a pop of colour to the territory's rocky spaces.

Visit the Home and Garden section of the website to learn more about plants and flowers found across the country.

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