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Canadian Tulip Festival in bloom

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

May 6, 2012 — Nothing says 'spring' like blooming flowers. The Canadian Tulip Festival is officially underway in the Nation's Capital.

Tulips are in bloom in Ottawa!
Tulips are in bloom in Ottawa!

The saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers" - and that has certainly been the case in the city of Ottawa this year. 

The 60th annual Canadian Tulip Festival kicked off this past weekend in the Nation's Capital, and the flowers were in bloom in time for the start of the 18-day event. 

An average amount of rain fell in Ottawa in March and April, although there was significantly less snow than normal in March. 

Last year, a wet spring delayed the tulip bloom ahead of the annual festival. While 33.6 mm of rain normally falls in Ottawa in March, the city was drenched with 166 mm in 2011.

The NCC annually plants around 400,000 tulips around the city, but the total number of tulips number close to a million. There are also 15,000 real and fake tulips along Elgin Street, known as the "Boulevard of Blooms." 

Events are scheduled in the ByWard Market, Little Italy, Chinatown and other neighbourhoods. 

Planning to visit the Tulip Festival in Ottawa? You can upload your photos to our Gallery. 

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