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Japan's Cherry Blossom season begins

March 30, 2010 — It's yet another sign that spring is here! Cherry blossom season underway in Japan.

It's a sight that's undeniable in Tokyo at this time of year.

Everywhere you go, people are admiring and enjoying picnics under flowery trees with pale pink petals.

In other words, cherry blossom season has arrived.

Though the blooms appear every year, there's never a shortage of excitement. At Yoyogi Park, people waited for hours to reserve the best spots to view the picturesque trees.

The flower viewing parties are spring traditions that are held among families and friends each year. The gatherings often last all day and night.

The blossoms only appear for a short time, so many rush to catch a glimpse of them before spring rain sweeps the petals to the ground.

There are some 300 varieties of cherry blossoms.

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