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Water Returns To Chile's Spring Pools

March 27, 2010 — Chile's Radal Siete Tazas Natural Reserve is completely dry following last months devastating 8.8 magnitude earthquake.

The park's famous seven natural pools, also known as 'Seven Cups,' previously were typically filled by flowing waterfalls. Unfortunately, since the earthquake struck, the falls have dried up, leaving the pools completely dry.

The reserve is located between the provinces Talca and Curico, south of Santiago and has been closed since the earthquake. Mainly because trails leading to the park were left impassable and the main attraction didn't exist!

And now experts are scratching their heads -- On Friday, some of the water looked to be mysteriously trickling it's way back into one of the pools.

Experts are hoping that the pool will completely refill itself and drain into the others, now that the country is on the verge of its rainy season.

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