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Chilly start to the baseball season in Toronto

Lyndsay Morrison, reporter
April 10, 2012 — Despite the gusty winds and chilly conditions, thousands of fans welcomed the baseball season at the Blue Jay's home opener Monday.

Peak wind gusts Monday
Peak wind gusts Monday

For many Torontonians, nothing marks the start of spring like the baseball season.

Over 50,000 fans gathered at the Roger's Centre Monday night for the Blue Jay's home opener, some even wearing shorts.

"It's a little breezy, but good," said a fan we caught up with.

Still, not everyone was dressed for summer, and for good reason. Despite the sunshine and the relatively seasonal temperatures, the winds were howling. Gusts over 70 km/h were recorded in Toronto, downing trees and leaving thousands without power.

Officials at the Rogers Centre even decided to keep the famous dome closed for the game after consulting with The Weather Network about the gusty conditions.

Several people were thankful for that decision.

"I'm freezing," said a bundled up fan. "It's way too cold. I wish there was a little more sun," said another.

The good news is, Monday night's game was just the start of the season and there will be many more chances for fans to attend a warmer game throughout the summer.

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