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Drought Woes Continue in China

March 27, 2010 — China's worst drought in a century is affecting 20 million people and has reduced power capacity by around 30 per cent.

Southwest China's worst drought in a century is taking its toll on the areas hydroelectric dams, which provide much of the region's electricity.

Reservoirs have dried up completely, and there has been no significant rain in months. As a result, Yunnan's power generation capacity has been cut by about 30 per cent.

The drought, which began last autumn, has left over 20 million people and 12 million heads of livestock with insufficient drinking water. Crops have also been hit hard.

The government has mobilized over 280,000 vehicles to deliver water across the affected regions. Many families have had no choice but to trudge uphill with 25 litres of water strapped to their backs.

Weather forecasters see no signs of the drought abating in the short term. Local governments have carried out over 1,400 cloud seeding operations to induce rain.

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