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Fatal rainstorms pound China

May 15, 2010 — At least 12 people are dead and thousands were forced to evacuate after heavy rainstorms caused flooding and mudslides in China on Saturday.

It could be the worst water disaster in 20 years for China.

That's what people living in the Jiangxi province of the country are saying.

Days upon days of torrential rains have pounded the region killing at least 12 people and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of thousands.

The rainstorms have caused serious flooding and landslides in 426 townships and 39 counties across Jiangxi province.

The heavy rain has caused rivers to swell up to three metres, covering streets with mud water. Floodwaters are submerging homes and vehicles -- there are reports a city was left almost completely underwater after surges of floodwater swept through.

In total, 86 people are dead and another 16 are missing across central and southern China. The annual wet season has literally spun out of control for the country. And it looks like there's no end in sight.

More heavy rains have been forecast for the region in the coming days. Authorities are suggesting that flooding could become even more serious. So far the extreme weather has caused nearly $860 in economic losses.

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