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Rescue Efforts Continue In China

April 17, 2010 — Emergency workers pulled a lone survivor out of the rubble -- several days after a massive quake rocked China.

The rescue efforts continue after the country was hit with a devastating 6.9 magnitude earlier this week.

A single survivor was found in a pile of hotel rubble, in Jiegu, a remote corner of western China.

And the death toll is still climbing. Since Wednesday, over 1,300 people were killed in the quake and another 300 are still missing. Officials say that nearly 12,000 have been injured and many of them are quite serious.

More survivors were found throughout the day on Friday, but the weather is having an affect on the hundreds that are still missing.

Below freezing temperatures at night leave little chance of survival for those trapped under collapsed buildings.

It's also making for a very chilly and uncomfortable sleep for anyone living in tents after being left homeless from this quake.

Officials fear that the weather may also seriously hinder relief efforts. The area is set to receive snow and rain over the next few days, making it tough to transport the injured out and bring supplies in.

Still, relief goods continue to poor into the region, arriving on a single, traffic-clogged main road from the Qinghai capital, 12 hours away.

Police have increased security where relief is being distributed, after reports of survivors fighting for aid.

And the biggest challenge still remains. An estimated 100,000 people have been affected by the quake and are in serious need of food and clean drinking water.

Many of the monks in the largely Tibetan town have been helping relief efforts, by pulling people out of the rubble and handing out their own limited food supplies.

Moved by the disaster, the Dalai Lama said he would like to visit the site.

Meanwhile, hundreds of villagers gathered on a mountaintop on Saturday to mourn the deaths of those killed in the quake. The mass cremation marked the start of the community's recovery.

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