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Spring snowstorm in China

April 26, 2010 — A spring snowstorm in northern China adds to the region's worst winter in 60 years.

Areas of Inner Mongolia are completely covered in snow.

This has been one of the worst winters in 60 years for the area and now the latest onset of snow is just adding to that.

Sandstorms and strong winds aren't helping either. Clouds of dust even reached central Hebei and Shaanxi provinces. And more severe weather is expected to hit the region.

A cold front sweeping through will bring more strong winds and low temperatures for at least two days. Winds could gust up to 50km/h, which will also help to cool things off and cause temperatures to dip by 10 degrees.

This winter-like weather is making transportation very difficult and is also having a negative affect on farmers who are losing crops.

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