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Tornado rips across southwest China

May 6, 2010 — A tornado and several fierce thunderstorms have killed dozens and injured more than 150 people in southwest China.

A series of wicked storms tore across southwest China early today, bringing damaging winds, large hail and at least one deadly tornado.

More than 150 people have been injured and at least 33 people have lost their lives. The storms toppled trees, destroyed hundreds of homes and damaged crops.

Rescue workers have been busy sifting through the rubble to try and locate survivors. Emergency and medical crews have also been dispatched to the affected areas. More than 70,000 people have been evacuated.

“It came down on top of us,” said one bus driver who was waiting for his vehicle to be dug out from the mud and rubble. “Nobody knows what is going to happen. It has already been several hours.”

The storms also brought torrential amounts of rain, which left some communities under water.

“The house over there, the first floor is completely flooded,” said one local resident. “The food and bedding is all under water.”

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