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Cloudy weather couldn't keep snowbirds down

Staff writers
June 3, 2012 — Canada's famous Snowbirds put on their usual show over the weekend, during their first scheduled Ontario appearance this season.

You might have thought the cloudy weather over Waterloo would have put a serious crimp in the style of the Canadian Forces' iconic Snowbirds.

But the low clouds didn't make a dent in the planes' performance as they took to the skies for the 2012 Waterloo Airshow this past weekend.

Event organizers say even with rain and cloudy weather, there would still be a high enough ceiling for the planes to fly.

Even if the clouds are lower than ideal, the Snowbirds, as well as many of the other performers at the show, simply switch to their "low show" maneuvers.

Check out the video to see the planes in action on Saturday.

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