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Crow cuts power to thousands in Nova Scotia

Officials say the crow got into the transmission tower
Officials say the crow got into the transmission tower

Staff writers

January 4, 2013 — Residents in west-end Halifax were struggling to stay warm after a crow cut power to 7,000 customers Friday morning.

Thousands of customers across Halifax were left in the dark Friday morning. According to Nova Scotia Power, a crow was responsible for knocking out power to 7,000 homes and businesses at around 9:30 am local time. 

"It's becoming a running joke here in the Maritimes. What will lead to our next power outage," laughed Brian from Dartmouth, who called The Weather Network Stormline on Friday. "It's nice and sunny here today, but it sure is cold, which could become problematic for those without power and heat." 

Officials say the bird got into the transmission tower on Federal Avenue, which then caused a ripple effect that cut power across the area. 

Electricity is expected to be restored to all customers by the early afternoon hours on Friday.

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