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Do you have Spring Fever?

Shelley Steeves, reporter
April 4, 2012 — Have you being feeling a little extra romantic lately? Experts say the weather may be to blame.

Is love in the air?
Is love in the air?

Ahhh...Spring. There's nothing quite like that feeling we get when the sun comes out, and things start to heat up.

"Yeah for sure there is spring in your step in the Spring because it's a new beginning!" said one Monctonian. 

But could it be the warmer weather gets people's heart pumping too ... for romance, that is.

Ever heard of the term Spring Fever?

"In high school you used to see people break up and get back together and all that stuff but I don't think it holds true for adults," said one man we spoke to. 

Or does it?

According to Dr. Peter Ford, longer exposure to Spring  sunlight hours can indeed kick start your love life.

"The hormones have some shifting going on so there is testosterone and estrogen levels that are starting to come up," he says. "And when testosterone starts to come up that's when the friskiness and the libido changes occur." 

Sunshine may be a contributing factor
Sunshine may be a contributing factor

And we all suddenly become more attracted to one another. You could say the sunnier weather showers people with love hormones.

"I supposed there is something to it. Maybe it's just because you start peeling off clothes," says our local Monctonian. 

Maybe it's about opportunity too. The weather is nicer, you're out and about more. Putting yourself out there so to speak.

"Could be, could be!" said one lady on the streets of Moncton. "If you are looking in the right places you might be able to find somebody. Haha!"

Or maybe you just don't buy this Spring Fever thing at all.

"So you don't think there is more romance in the Spring then, you don't buy that?" I asked our male interview subject. "Not anymore, there's never any romance anymore," he says. 

Poor guy! "Do you need me to put out a message that you are single?" I asked. "Yeah that's why I said that so," he smiles. 

Guess somebody needs a little more sun exposure! 

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