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Dog adopts orphaned tiger cubs in Russia

The Canadian Press
November 23, 2012 — Three orphaned tiger cubs have found an unconventional mother figure -- a white Swiss Shepherd dog, named Tallim.

The cubs were born in the Oktyabrsky zoo in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia on November 14.

Two male cubs, named Olymp and Dar and one female called Tallim after her adoptive mother, were left behind by their birth mother in Bagira.

After advertising for a surrogate tiger mother and coming up short, zoo staff decided to fill the position with a white Swiss Shepherd instead.

Although the tigers bared their claws and hissed at the dog at first, their new caregiver continued to nurse them calmly.

According to zoo staff, the tiger cubs do not pose any threat to Tallim.

With files from The Telegraph

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