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Dreaming of a holiday?

Shop around before you book a flight (courtesy: June Mancini)
Shop around before you book a flight (courtesy: June Mancini)

Nicole Karkic, Weather Broadcaster, The Weather Network

March 22, 2013 — If you're dreaming about a holiday, you're not alone.

We'd love to hear about your vacation plans! (courtesy: Joe Price)
We'd love to hear about your vacation plans! (courtesy: Joe Price)

Iíve been reminiscing about my past travels, and Iíd like to share some of my experiences with you. I hope I can provide inspiration to people who are planning (or just dreaming about) a get-away.

Boston is a great city to visit.

I was there this past fall, during my birthday -- and I loved how the city was dripping with history.

Boston is home to the Freedom Trail, one of America's first historic walking tours. On it, youíll be able to take in countless historical sights.

If walking isnít your thing, you must go on a Duck Tour. These tour buses are a fantastic way to get around.

Iíll admit, Duck Tours are ďtouristyĒ, and I was hesitant to hop on the bus, especially when I found out that it would enter the water and float us around the city for part of the tour.

But this turned out to be my favourite part of the trip.

You can sit back, relax, and be entertained by a hilarious guide.

If youíre looking for something with Hollywood appeal, stop by Charlieís Sandwich Shoppe on 429 Columbus Avenue. A scene from the Mark Wahlberg film Ted was shot there, and there are pictures celebrity guests taped up around the shop.

I like restaurants that are favoured by locals, and this place was full of them.

Be prepared to share your table with other customers. Space is limited at this small, albeit popular, spot.

Iíve been to Jupiter, have you?

A few years ago, I was invited to attend a wedding in Jupiter, Florida.

Iíd never heard of this part of the sunshine state and didn't have much time to explore the area -- but I will always remember The Food Shack. †

It's in an unassuming strip mall, and you'll likely find it packed to the brim with people.

The restaurant felt cozy. It was full of happy customers and it had bright red walls and lots of artwork, hung up in a haphazard fashion.

A walking tour is a great way to explore a new city
A walking tour is a great way to explore a new city

We had to wait over an hour to get a seat -- but it was worth it.

The food was exciting and fresh.†

My stomach is growling just thinking about a melt-in-your-mouth blackened fish taco, and the freshest tuna and basil rolls Iíve ever had.

I can still taste the complex flavours of the crispy coconut shrimp.

If youíre looking something thatís trŤs chic ...

Shop around using a website like I use it every time I plan a vacation, often with great success.

Last year, an online search helped me find one of the cheapest bed & breakfasts on St Barts Island.

The island is famous for being safe and having good food, which may be why it's a rumoured hot spot for celebrities.

My hotel wasnít on the beach and my room was tiny. I thought these things would bother me, but in the end, I couldn't have cared less.

Every day in St. Barts is an adventure.

The food is exceptional, right down to the coffee and bread served at small food huts. There are a variety of public beaches you can explore and all youíll need is a towel and some sunscreen.

The island also lived up to its celebrity appeal. During an evening stroll on the waterfront, I spotted†American Idolís Simon Cowell.

I also caught a glimpse of Steve Martin and Martin Short!

Thereís nothing like a little star 'gazing' to make a vacation even more exciting.

If youíre planning on hopping on a plane, Iíd love to live vicariously through you! Send me a tweet†or leave a comment below and tell me about your adventures.

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