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Earth Day Canada 2010

April 23, 2010 — How did you celebrate Earth Day? Here's a look at some of activities that took place across the country on Thursday.

It's all about coming together to help the environment.

On Thursday, Canada joined more than 170 countries participating in Earth Day. According to Earth Day Canada President, Jed Goldberg, the celebration is simple.

“Earth Day is for anyone that has an interest in the environment.”

Goldberg says it's all about conserving and sharing your passion with others.

“Talk the environment up so that people understand that you are interested in environmental change.”

And that's exactly what millions of Canadians did by recycling, picking up trash and walking to work or school.

Nearly every student in Canada partook in an Earth Day activity of some sort. Planting trees was on the agenda at St. John's College in Brantford. Peter Giordano is with the college and he says every little bit counts.

“The earth is our support system, it provides us with everything we need to survive.”

In many classrooms, it's all about providing students with the information they need.

“Teaching [students] about the programs we have here allows those students to really be empowered and be able to do something to make a difference in their classroom and then they take it home and teach their parents about it as well,” says Vanessa Scali, a volunteer teacher in Hamilton, Ontario.

In 1990, two million Canadians joined 200 million people in 141 nations in celebrating the first International Earth Day. Since then, the event has become much more popular as people become more environmentally conscious.

“People are gaining new information every year,” says Leah Anstis of the New Brunswick Conservation Council. “So from one Earth Day people may be learning one set of tips and pass them on to other people in the days and years to come that sort of thing. And that's the idea -- growing people's green resources and teaching people how to live as environmentally friendly as possible because we share the planet and it's in all of our best interests.”

Canada certainly wasn't the only country participating in Earth Day activities. Celebrations were held around the world, including at Times Square in New York City. A free concert was held for locals and tourists.

For more tips on how to make every day Earth Day, click the videos listed under the Related Links section at the top of this page.

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