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Earth Day festivities continue at Cherry Brook Zoo

Staff writers
April 28, 2013 — This year, Earth Day fell on April 22nd, but the celebrations continued at the Cherry Brook Zoo in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Earth Day may have occurred over a week ago but at the Cherry Brook Zoo in Saint John, New Brunswick, the celebrations were just getting started. 

It was a fun day for children Saturday, with kids being able to learn about animals and their habitats at the zoo's Touch Table Learning Center. 

There was cake and refreshments to enjoy plus, every child received a tomato plant to take home. 

Aside from the fun, zoo officials hoped that by seeing animals, children would develop an appreciation for conservation. 

By educating youth on the challenges facing many species in the wild, future generations will take an active interest in environmental preservation from an early age. 

The Cherry Brook Zoo is a registered non profit Charitable Organization that operated in 1978. 

Animals housed include the Siberian Tiger, Snow Leopard, Golden Lion Tamarin and Goeldi monkey.

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