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Earthquake rattles southern Maine

Staff writers
October 17, 2012 — A magnitude 4.0 earthquake that struck southern Maine Tuesday night was felt as far away as Connecticut.

Magnitude 4.0 struck southern Maine Tuesday night
Magnitude 4.0 struck southern Maine Tuesday night

No damage or injuries have been reported, but the earthquake that hit southern Maine rattled nearby New England states Tuesday night. 

Initially, the U.S. Geological Survey rated the quake as a magnitude 4.6, but later downgraded it to a 4.0. 

In the town of Waterboro, residents at a local restaurant went running to the streets when they heard a loud bang and felt the building shake.

Brief, but noticeable shaking was also felt in downtown Boston and the surrounding area. 

While earthquakes are rare in New England, experts say they're not unheard of. 

The strongest earthquake recorded in Maine occurred in 1904 near the state's eastern border with Canada.

With files from The Associated Press

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