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Earthquake rumbles Greece and Turkey

Rhodes, Greece (Courtesy Plamen Matanski)
Rhodes, Greece (Courtesy Plamen Matanski)

June 10, 2012 — A powerful earthquake shook Greece's island of Rhodes and southwestern Turkey on Sunday, but no deaths or damage were immediately reported.

Officials have confirmed that a powerful earthquake has shaken Greece's southeastern island of Rhodes, but no injuries or damages have been reported.  

The Athens Geodynamic Institute says the quake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.8 struck beneath the Aegean Sea at around 3:44 pm local time on Sunday, about 490 kilometres east of Athens.  
The area is between the Greek Island of Rhodes and western Turkey.
Turkey's Kandilli Observatory gave a stronger preliminary magnitude of 6.1, with aftershocks of 6 and 4.9.  Areas of Turkey shaken by the quake included the popular resort town of Oludeniz, the Aegean port of Izmir, and the Mediterranean city of Antalya.  

Both these regions are in seismicaly active areas and suffer frequent earthquakes yearly, sometimes even hundreds. 

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