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'Throat of fire' explodes

June 4, 2010 — It's called the 'throat of fire' for a reason. Watch this volcano in Ecuador explode!

Loud explosions at a volcano in Ecuador are shaking the ground and blowing fiery rocks and magma into the sky.

The volcano is called Tungurahua, or the 'throat of fire,' and it is living up to its name.

Volcanic activity was increasing on Thursday at the 5,000-metre volcano, which is southeast of Quito.

Experts from the Geophysical Institute, which monitors the throat of fire, warn that the volcano will find a way to release its pent-up pressure.

The magma will either keep exploding continuously, possibly causing eruptions and emitting ash, or it will come out violently. The continuous explosions could be more damaging.

'The volcano's activity is showing us that there is much gas that is pushing the system, and this gas comes from new magma,' says Mario Ruiz, a vulcanologist.

The throat of fire has been active since 1999 and it had a strong eruption two years ago. People who live nearby have been evacuated over the past week as the volcano could erupt yet again.

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