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Water levels receding in Poland

The heavy rain has stopped for now, but that doesn't mean Poland is in the clear just yet.

Water levels in Vistula are receding, but banking on the rivers are unstable. There's no large rainfall forecast for the already heavily flooded areas, but cities along the Wisla River could see flood waves moving north today. People in Warsaw braced themselves today as the Vistula river heightened after smaller amounts of fresh rain fell.

Areas near Wisla have had heightened river levels for three days now. The soaking wet ground has left the levees unstable, turning them jelly-like. On a good note, the situation in Silesia is reportedly under control, with water levels down one metre, and it's also receding in Sandomierz.

Torrential rains have caused flash flooding and lead to 7 deaths in southern Poland. More than 2,000 people have left their homes when the government forced a mass evacuation earlier this week.

Floodwaters have literally submerged fields, roads and railway lines and more than 4,000 homes are still without power. And it's not just Poland that's facing this onset of messy weather. Rivers have overflowed in Slovakia, Serbia and the Czech Republic.

In Hungary, thousands of residents have been forced from their homes after heavy downpours blocked villages and cut off power supplies over the weekend. The mayor of the country's third largest city Miskolc has declared an emergency tap water restriction. As a result residents are coming together to build makeshift dams from logs, rocks and debris.

“The level of cooperation is exemplary,” says Hungarian Mayor Istvan Bobal. “In one hour more than 100 people gathered here along with excavators and lorries. The residents are working together alongside a big workforce which arrived to help the citizens of the village.”

This unusual onset of severe weather brought heavy gusts of winds and two months worth of rain for some areas.

And according to European forecasts, it doesn't look like any relief is in store. More rain is expected in the coming days.

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