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New era arrives in Canadian weather

April 25, 2013 — The time has come. The Weather Network launches its new website.

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's finally here, the launch of our new website! At The Weather Network, we have spent the last 18 months combing through feedback emails, phone calls, survey results (and our Facebook pages!) to get to know you all a little better, and more importantly, find out how our websites can better serve you.

Overall, you told us that you wanted the site to be: 

  • Easier to navigate. We put all the core weather forecasts right at the top of your city forecast page to allow quick tabs through to hourly and 14 day trend. 
  • Easier to locate home cities. In addition to the search box (where you can type in a city name) we added an interactive map on the homepage that targets your local area and has the capability to zoom in and out to see more locations and the current weather conditions. In one simple click, you can be on your forecast page. 
  • Active Weather coverage. With the new Storm Watch feature, your forecast page will become a hub for severe weather information with alert details, ability to track the storm through radar, photos & videos, news and social media.
  • Friends & family weather. Now you can easily save up to 10 cities for one-click access to your favourite locations including PointCast, our one kilometre local forecast. 
  • Show the weather. Our pages have been cleaned up and now showcase the beauty of weather. The backgrounds change depending on the current weather information and the photo gallery is an endless array of fabulous images from around the globe. 
  • Make it faster. Under the hood is a shiny new server infrastructure and brand new fancy (and techy!) gadgets to make this new site hum! 
  • Give us more. In addition to the goods listed above we've added layered maps on your forecast page, a Coffee Break with fun facts, local traffic flow, a video gallery, alert zones on maps, all new Insiders Insights from our key team of meteorologists, writers and TV personalities and daily historical records.

We sincerely hope you love all the features we've added to the site to make it work for you. There are still a few new things to come ... so stay tuned.

Now if only we could do something with Mother Nature...

Thanks again, and please enjoy the new websites -

Carrie Lysenko
Director, Web Services
Twitter: @carrielysenko

If you have any feedback, reach out to us at:

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