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Fall fire checklist

Staff writers
October 7, 2012 — With the Thanksgiving weekend and fall season upon us, fire officials offer tips on reducing the fire risk in your home.

Keep fire safety in mind through the fall and winter seasons
Keep fire safety in mind through the fall and winter seasons

October 7-15 is Fire Prevention Week across North America.

"It's the opportunity for every fire department throughout North America to promote fire safety and public education," says John Percy with the fire department in Waterloo, Ontario. 

This year's theme...Always have two ways out. 

"So we want to remind all of the residents if there is a fire in your home, you need to have two ways out of every part of your house."

Once you're out of your house officials recommend:

  • Having a meeting place for all of the family. 
  • Staying out of the house. 
  • Calling the local fire department.

Cooking a turkey 

Unattended cooking is the leading cause of household fires all year long, so with the Thanksgiving weekend upon us, it's important to keep fire safety in mind. 

"If you are going to have a turkey, we highly recommend that you cook it properly inside an oven."

Percy adds that there have been some recent demonstrations of people trying to deep fry their turkeys instead. 

"The problem with that is with the weather getting cooler, people are doing it inside a garage or a building or inside the house. We want to make sure if you're going to use a deep fry type cooking, you want to make sure it's outside and away from any structures." 

Operating your furnace safely 

As temperatures start to cool down across the country, several people will be turning on their furnace for the first time this season. 

Percy offers these tips for operating your furnace safely: 

  • Check it before you turn it on. Is it operational? 
  • Change the filter. 
  • Consider having a contractor service it before turning it on.

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