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Fall maintenance a must

Leaves filling up streets across Vancouver
Leaves filling up streets across Vancouver

Staff writers

November 7, 2012 — While raking and collecting leaves can be a dreaded fall activity, city officials say it's crucial maintenance that should be done each year.

Leaves can clog catch basins easily
Leaves can clog catch basins easily

Thanks to a dry fall, leaves across Vancouver dried out very quickly. 

"And without that early windstorm or early frost that we normally get, the leaves have been hanging on," says Murray Wightman with the City of Vancouver. "Last weekend, we did have quite a bit of wind in Vancouver, and now they're starting to fill up the streets fairly quickly." 

According to Wightman, there are about 43,000 catch basins across Vancouver. Residents are urged to keep an eye on them if they're located outside a house or business.

"Use a rake or a broom or something and move the leaves off it, particularly if they are starting to prevent the water from getting through the grate," says Wightman. 

Aside from clogging catch basins in the city, fallen leaves can cause some problems on the roads as well. 

"It can cause the cars to hydroplane at intersections where they are trying to stop and it can prevent people from getting through the crosswalks," adds Wightman. "So, the best thing for us to do is try and stay on top of it."

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