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Busy day for March Break travel

Staff writers
March 8, 2013 — Be sure to give yourself plenty of extra time if you're heading south for March Break Friday. Thousands of travellers expected at the airports.

March Break Travel
March Break Travel

The month of March has most students and families across the country gearing up for a much needed break.

"Students in University and College have their reading weeks come up in February and then you've got March Break, so a lot of families book their vacation to sunny destinations throughout the month of March,” says Lisa Vincent, Manager of Travelpath in Burlington, Ontario. “Once March Break is over residents begin to look forward to summer weekends at the cottage.”

Some families prefer to drive to their March Break destination. According to the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) travellers are usually looking for great golf getaways and shopping trips. CAA says the favourite driving hot spots are:

  • Orlando, Florida
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • New York City, New York
  • Pinehurst, North Carolina

What will the weather be like?

According to Chris Scott, a meteorologist at The Weather Network, there will be some snow Thursday night into Friday morning in the north-eastern U.S.

"Once you get south of New York, things will look better," he says.

Florida will be chilly around the end of the week, but it will get warmer by next week.

If you're heading to the beach, Puerto Rico, Varadero and Orlando may be windy this weekend -- but overall, temperatures are warming.

Closer to home, places like Thunder Bay and Kenora, Ontario may see some rain over the weekend. It will be a colder March Break this year than it was last year.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of extra time at the airport if you're heading south
Be sure to give yourself plenty of extra time at the airport if you're heading south

No matter where you go to spend the break however, the weather can be unpredictable at this time of year, especially in Canada.

As we transition into the spring season, temperatures are fluctuating as the cold and warm air battle it out. Several areas across the country have experienced a relatively mild and dry winter this year, but that doesn't mean the threat for storms is over.

That could make planning outdoor activities tricky.

"It's not until mid-April when most places can say they've cleared the threat of snow and mixed precipitation," says Scott.

“There's no question however, that the light is at the end of the tunnel and spring is just around the corner across all of the country.”

For those set to do some travelling, be sure to give yourself plenty of extra time before heading to the airport. At Toronto's Pearson International Airport in particular, over 100,000 people are expected to pass through the airport on Friday.

Here are some last minute tips before heading out:

  • Research your destination.
  • Carry a valid passport.
  • Share your travel details with close family or friends.
  • Make sure you have health and travel insurance.
  • Check weather conditions before your departure.
  • Limit your luggage.
  • Reconfirm your flight details.
  • Leave plenty of extra time for check-in at the airport.

You can also track your flight before heading to the airport.

Wondering when March Break falls across the country this year?

  • British Columbia and Prince Edward Island: March 18-22
  • Alberta: March 25- April 1
  • Manitoba: March 25-29
  • Saskatchewan: April 2-5
  • Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador: March 11-15
  • Quebec and New Brunswick: March 4-8
  • Northwest Territories, Yukon: Various dates you can check here.

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