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Fishing in Portage Vale, New Brunswick

Shelley Steeves, reporter
May 31, 2012 — Monica Jaillet has been fishing for more than 20 years. It's not a typical sport for women, but Monica says there's nothing better than an afternoon spent out on the water.

Monica says the river gives her a sense of peace
Monica says the river gives her a sense of peace

Monica Jaillet is no girlie girl -- she'd rather spend hours fishing in a frigid river than in a fancy spa.

She'll stand out here for hours, in the cold and rain, just to get a nibble.

"I won't come out in a hurricane but a little bit of rain isn't going to scare me away," she says.

Monica admits she's an anomaly among her female friends, but there are likely a few guys out there who think she's quite the catch.

"I do tend to see a few looks from the men out there on the river because I am one of the only women out there," she admits. "I think it's refreshing for them to see a woman out there."

Monica says the river calls to her. The sound of the water, the fresh air and the birds provide her with a sense of peace.

And it's been even more peaceful this year because of the weather.

"It's been warmer than normal," Monica says. "On a really hot day the fish tend not to bite as much...but in the evening when it cools down a bit, and the insect activity picks up, that's when the fishing get really good."

And in her book, there's no better girl time -- no matter how big - or small - the catch.

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