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Brief spell of winter in southern Ontario

Staff writers

February 13, 2012 — Snow, strong winds and frigid temperatures gripped southern Ontario over the weekend. Temperatures back on the rise Monday.

Weekend snow totals
Weekend snow totals

Winter made a strong comeback in parts of Ontario this weekend, courtesy of a low pressure system.

In northern sections of the province, snow began falling Friday morning. By Friday night, southern Ontario was also seeing the wintery weather.

The snow was coupled with harsh winds and a drastic drop in temperatures as a cold front swept through. By Saturday morning, temperatures in the Greater Toronto Area were feeling like -25 with the windchill, prompting the city of Toronto to issue an extreme cold weather alert.

Toronto saw about 5 cm of snow by the time all was said and done and that was enough to catch some drivers off guard. A number of accidents were reporte along the 400 series highways over the weekend.

Places like Windsor and London saw over 10 cm of snow, but the most impressive total was recorded in Wiarton where close to 30 cm piled up.

Mild weather returns Monday
Mild weather returns Monday

By Saturday afternoon, the system had pushed out of Ontario, but residents were still dealing with messy conditions into Sunday.

Snow squalls that developed made for very low visibility in the snowbelt region. At one point, visibility was reduced to less than 100 metres in some places like Niagara Falls.

The spell of wintery weather over the weekend was a brief one. Temperatures are on the rise once again and will be feeling more like spring by Wednesday.

"There seems to be an agreement that we're heading back to positive territory," says Patrick Cool, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "So generally warmer air for our region."

This roller coaster of temperatures has been the pattern so far this season leaving many people questioning the presence of winter.

"After the dip in temperatures this weekend, this odd ball winter appears on track to continue," says Cool.

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