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Flood-stricken Thunder Bay hit with more heavy rain

The flooding in late May damaged roadways and buildings
The flooding in late May damaged roadways and buildings

Staff writers

June 20, 2012 — Thunder Bay remains on alert as more heavy rain hammers the region.

Rainfall warnings have been issued near Thunder Bay
Rainfall warnings have been issued near Thunder Bay

The City of Thunder Bay has been keeping a close eye on the weather as heavy rain and thunderstorms threaten the region once again.

According to Environment Canada between 40-50 mm of rain fell in the city Tuesday night with an additional 30 mm expected Wednesday.

The heavy rain has the city on high alert after recent storms wreaked havoc in the area. Just three weeks ago, widespread flooding prompted officials to declare a state of emergency.

Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs called an emergency meeting on Tuesday morning in an attempt to try to prevent any further damages.

"At least 4,000 basements were flooded in that last round of storms," said Mayor Hobbs. "And now that more rain is expected it has us worried, because the ground is still saturated."

In late May, nearly 100 mm of rain was dumped on the city in one day. That combined with pump failures at the city's water treatment caused a massive water backup.

Additional staff has been brought on to monitor the situation 24 hours a day until the storm threat passes.

"We had an estimated $100 million in damages from the last storm," Mayor Hobbs says.

Visit the Alerts section of the website to keep on top of watches and warnings across the country.

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