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Flood emergencies declared in Ontario's Attawapiskat and Kashechewan First Nation communities

File photo courtesy: Cyprian Czechowski
File photo courtesy: Cyprian Czechowski

Staff writers

May 1, 2013 — A state of emergency has been declared in two northern Ontario communities following major spring flooding.

Leaders of the Attawapiskat and Kashechewan First Nations communities have declared an emergency after fast-melting snow has raised flood concerns.

Federal NDP MP Charlie Angus from the riding of Timmins-James Bay says that rising water levels have led a hospital evacuation and school closures in the two northern communities.

Spring floods are common in Attawapiskat and Kashechewan, but this year the water rose rapidly while rivers were covered with ice.

The conditions could deteriorate further if the ice breaks up, causing jams.

Health Canada issued an environmental expert to test the quality of the drinking water homes affected by the floods.

With files from the Canadian Press

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