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Flood fight continues in New Brunswick

Staff writers
March 28, 2012 — Firefighters will be in Perth-Andover on Wednesday assisting with flood clean-up and recovery.

Significant structual damage due to the floods
Significant structual damage due to the floods

Water levels in Perth-Andover, New Brunswick continue to recede after a sudden flood forced hundreds from their homes last Friday.

A state of emergency was issued and remains in place as well as a mandatory evacuation order for some people.

The provincial government has set up a recovery program, which will include financial relief and property inspections. Health and safety inspections are also taking place.

Although some people have been able to return home on a permanent basis, others may be waiting months before they are able to move back in. Firefighters have arrived on scene and will be helping people move big items out of homes and businesses in the flood zone.

South Victoria High School is now closed for the remainder of the school year, while Andover Elementary school will remain closed until further notice. Perth-Andover Middle School is closed as well and is being used as an emergency evacuation site by the Canadian Red Cross.

Officials say water levels are below flood stage throughout the river system and should continue to drop over the next several days. Still, any visitors to the area are being asked to stay away from the flood zone until Thursday at least.

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