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Flood risk remains low in New Brunswick

Shelley Steeves, reporter
March 23, 2012 — Officials say the flood risk remains low across parts of the Maritimes.

Flood risk remains low in New Brunswick so far
Flood risk remains low in New Brunswick so far

Temperature records across the Maritimes have been shattered this week.

As a result, the Saint John River in southern New Brunswick is pretty well open water. Officials say that's very good news for this year's flood season.

"This is certainly making me smile there is no doubt about it. This is the kind of weather that I want," says Karl Wilmot with New Brunswick River Watch. "Over the last five or six days we've been seeing water levels come up along the system, but they haven't come up to the extent that they normally would come up if we were having a precipitation event included with this."

Wilmot adds that the risk however, is always there.

"We are looking at slight precipitation amounts into the mid part of next week, but that's too far to off for us to make any forecasting predictions right now."

Officials plan to keep an eye on the northern part of the province where there is a slight risk for some minor ice jams. Even if they do happen however, they are not likely to cause major flooding at this time.

With temperatures dropping to more seasonal levels, the melt is likely to slow down considerably over the weekend.

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