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Waters receding in Truro, Nova Scotia

Staff writers
September 11, 2012 — Waters are receding in Truro, Nova Scotia, after fast-moving rivers flooded the area Monday.

Resident look on as flood waters swamp parts of Truro
Resident look on as flood waters swamp parts of Truro

Fast moving waters swamped two Nova Scotia rivers on Monday, leading to flooding that caught some residents by surprise. 

Water levels began rising in the North and Salmon rivers near Truro, which remained under a rainfall warning as Tropical Storm Leslie churned toward Atlantic Canada. 

20 homes in Colchester County were evacuated and RCMP and local police put up barricades on flooded roads.

The emergency measures co-ordinator for the area says, there is a large amount of damage to roads, culverts and bridges along the Salmon and North rivers. 

Many residents also suffered property damage. Officials say people could be entitled to federal and provincial assistance and there may be a joint program for those who sustained uninsurable losses.

Flooding in Truro, Nova Scotia Monday
Flooding in Truro, Nova Scotia Monday

The flood waters rose in the adjoining community of Bible Hill as well, forcing evacuations and blocking road access to the town.

The province said two Red Cross reception centres were opened at a local church and at the Bible Hill Fire Department.

A high school was evacuated before lunch as a precaution. Bethany Walsh, 20, a college student, was anxiously awaiting word if she'd have to leave her home next to the fast-moving Salmon River as water began moving into her backyard.

"One of the dikes broke again. It's the worst it's been," she said. "I am concerned. It's our first house." 

As of 3 am Tuesday morning, between 50- 100 mm had fallen across Nova Scotia.

"The worst of the rain is done for the Maritimes," says Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "Some places may see an additional 15 mm of rain through the day on Tuesday, but all of the rainfall warnings have been dropped."

Leslie made landfall near Fortune, Newfoundland Tuesday morning and remains a powerful post-tropical storm.

With files from The Canadian Press

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