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Florida beaches a haven for tourists... and sharks?

March 10, 2013 — Thousands of people head to Florida for sun, surf, and relaxation during the March break, but the migration of Sharks could put a damper on those plans.

Summer is inching closer in southern Florida and that means sharks have begun their migration north.

Researchers at Florida Atlantic University counted 15,000 of the predators - some making it as close as 200 yards from the shoreline. 

Beaches were temporarily closed during the week as the blacktip and spinner species made it too dangerous for swimming. 

The sharks head from Florida to North Carolina every year, but usually avoid the busy season. 

Beaches will remain on high alert until the threat has dissipated. 

Blacktip sharks normally avoid human contact and account for only 20% of unprovoked attacks in Florida.

With files from CNN

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