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Fog envelopes southern Manitoba

Staff writers
February 3, 2012 — Thick, dangerous fog has led to some problems on roadways in southern Manitoba, while mild temperatures have closed some winter roads in the north.

Fog has been blanketing southern Manitoba for days now
Fog has been blanketing southern Manitoba for days now

For three days, thick fog has blanketed southern sections of Manitoba, leading to zero visibility on some roadways.

Several accidents were reported on highways across the province during the Friday morning commute. In some cases, visibility was about 10 feet and the roads were icy.

RCMP are reminding motorists to reduce their speed, use their headlights and adjust their driving to the conditions.

The fog was so thick Friday morning that the Borderland School Division, which serves the Altona region, canceled buses and classes for the day. Having buses out in the rural areas was considered too risky, as drivers may have had trouble spotting the stopped buses or students.

Gerald Cheng is a meteorologist at The Weather Network. He says the recent temperatures partly to blame for the fog.

"A combination of mild air, melting snow and a lack of wind has led to this spell of thicky, soupy fog," he says. "Similar conditions are expected in parts of Ontario over the weekend."

Mild temperatures in Manitoba also have officials concerned about winter roads in the northern part of the province. The MSAR Search and Rescue says the winter road system from Bloodvein to Island Lake in northern Manitoba isnít safe for travel.

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