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France vows to create 100,000 green jobs in three years

The ambitious goal covers job creation in a variety of sectors
The ambitious goal covers job creation in a variety of sectors

The Canadian Press

December 6, 2012 — The French government wants to create "at least 100,000 green jobs in three years," according to France's Minister of Ecology Delphine Batho.

The ambitious goal covers the creation of jobs in energy efficiency, environmental engineering and the waste and water sector, Batho said after a government seminar on ecological transition on Tuesday. 

Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll said he would present his plan later this month.

His goal is to make France "a leader of agro-ecology", with a view towards maximizing productivity while using fewer pesticides and fertilizers.

Ms. Batho credited some of the eco-initiatives that are already in place in the country, including a "bonus-malus" system for vehicles which includes a tax reduction with the purchase of a hybrid car and a price penalty for gas-guzzling vehicles.

In the weeks to come, the government will send letters to the ministries detailing the eco strategy.

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