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Potential tornadoes in Ontario and Quebec

Funnel cloud forming in Kanata, ON
Funnel cloud forming in Kanata, ON

Rayna Taylor, staff writer

August 4, 2010 — Eastern Ontario and southern Quebec were the sites of potential tornadoes Tuesday.

Funnel cloud developing in Ste. Eustache, QC
Funnel cloud developing in Ste. Eustache, QC

All of the ingredients were there Tuesday, for tornadic activity to spawn in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec. Two separate funnel clouds were spotted-one in Kanata and the other in Ste. Eustache.

Kanata is located about 30 km southwest of Ottawa. A rotating cloud was reported forming over one of the city's neighbourhoods and reaching towards the ground. The formation later dissipated without touching down.

But about 200 km east in Ste. Eustache, Quebec, there were reports of a funnel cloud. However, Environment Canada, says that the lack of damage reported would suggest that it remained as a cloud and didn't touch down.

A rain cloud rolling in over Laval, QC
A rain cloud rolling in over Laval, QC

Environment Canada advises residents who see a funnel cloud to get inside and take shelter immediately in a basement. A funnel cloud is a rotating column of wind that can become a tornado if it makes contact with the ground. This would produce severely high, damaging winds that could hurl objects.

Despite heavy downpours in the Montreal region Tuesday, there were no reports of flooding in the area. This is due to the fact that the area is experiencing historically low water levels in the rivers there. Rainfall amounts were recorded at upwards of 50 mm. Some residents in Ste. Eustache reported sewage backups in their basements during the storm.

More rain is in the forecast today, but only about 5 mm are expected.

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