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Heavy rain hits Haiti

May 4, 2010 — Haitians are busy cleaning up from an intense thunderstorm that hit the capital earlier this week.

Port-au-Prince residents living outside the tent camps spent much of the day on Monday cleaning up from an intense thunderstorm.

Torrential rain battered the capital, soaking the thousands of people still living in makeshift tents since the January 12th earthquake. The wet weather is also making life difficult for those living in more stable structures.

In one neighbourhood, residents spent the day shovelling mud off the street and wading through knee-deep water. At times, garbage a plastic bottles clogged sewers and drainage systems, preventing pooling water from flowing away.

Some people living in the area say they knew that this kind of heavy rain would cause problems.

“Since the earthquake, both sides of the sewers have come together and that makes the sewers overflow,” said Emilio Etienne, a resident of Port-au-Prince for 25 years.

Despite the millions of dollars in aid that have been pouring into the country, each storm brings new misery to the victims and earthquake-ravaged city.

Forecasters are expecting more thunderstorms for the rest of the week.

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