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Halifax prepares for incoming Nor'Easter

Nathan Coleman, Reporter
February 7, 2013 — Freezing temperatures have settled into Halifax ahead of the Nor'Easter that's set to move into Atlantic Canada.

Road crews are busy preparing for what the incoming Nor'Easter will bring.

The city is busy creating a brine layer on the roads before the storm arrives, which will help make snow easier to plow by preventing it from packing onto the roads. 

Officials say that between 1500 and 2000 tonnes of salt are likely to be used in an event like this.

The storm will reach the Maritimes this weekend after tracking up the Eastern seaboard, hitting major cities.

Canada won't be as badly hit as places like Boston, but the Nor'Easter will still be a strong one with heavy winds and plenty of snow.

Stay tuned to the Weather Network on TV for live updates on the storm. 

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