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Flooding rains hit the Prairies

Staff writers
July 12, 2012 — A series of storms that moved through the Prairie provinces brought lightning, hail and localized flooding to some places.

Too much rain in a short period of time in Yorkton, SK
Too much rain in a short period of time in Yorkton, SK

The active weather began firing up across Saskatchewan Wednesday afternoon.

After days of record-breaking temperatures and high humidity, thunderstorms rumbled through the region.

Frequent lightning and hail were reported in several places including Regina and Yorkton.

In Yorkon, so much rain fell so quickly that there was localized flooding. Residents in the area reported basement flooding after storm drains couldn't handle the runoff.

Localized flooding was also reported in Swan River, Manitoba after 77 mm of rain fell. Residents turned to kayaks to get around after several streets with covered with water.

Lightning lit up the sky in Edmonton early Thursday
Lightning lit up the sky in Edmonton early Thursday

By the early morning hours on Thursday, The Weather Network's Stormline was lit up with calls from Edmonton, Alberta.

"We're getting severe downpours, hail, lightning and thunder," said one caller at around 3:30 am local time. "It's getting severe. The hail is really coming down and we're getting loud thunder, lightning and heavy rain," another caller reported.

Fire officials had to rescue several drivers from their cars after water filled parts of the city's Whitemud freeway. Crews also responded to a number of small fires, which were caused by lightning strikes.

While the risk for storms eased through the early morning hours, the potential for more storms continues on Thursday.

"It looks like a pretty similar day to Wednesday," says Gina Ressler, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "The high heat and humidity could trigger more storms throughout the day on Thursday."

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