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Heavy rain delays Olympic events

Spectators haven't let the rain dampen their spirit (courtesy: LOCOG)
Spectators haven't let the rain dampen their spirit (courtesy: LOCOG)

Staff writers

July 29, 2012 — Day two of the Olympic games was greeted with dark skies and rain.

There's more rain in the forecast
There's more rain in the forecast

While the day started out clear, heavy rain made its way into London on Sunday, prompting the delay of several Olympic events.

Spectators and athletes were sent scrambling for cover when Wimbledon Centre Court was drenched -- forcing event organizers to close the stadium's retractable cover and delaying the games for three hours.

Elsewhere, heavy winds tugged at the roof of an enclosure housing equestrian judges -- putting those events temporarily on hold.

Archery competitions were also delayed.

While the weather posed a challenge for athletes participating in women's road cycling, the race went ahead as planned.

A huge crowed lined the 140 km route to offer their support, many of them shielded by umbrellas.

The storm moved out of the region by the evening -- but there's more rain on the way Monday.

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