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Prairies: rain, snow and wind

Rain is forecast for the eastern Prairies
Rain is forecast for the eastern Prairies

Staff writers

April 13, 2012 — Calgary, Alberta was hammered by a surprise blast of snow Thursday, while strong winds and heavy rain was reported in other sections of the Prairies. What's in store for Friday?

Rainfall forecast through Saturday
Rainfall forecast through Saturday

A combination of rain, snow and strong winds affected people living in the Prairies on Thursday, and there's more wet weather in the forecast. 

Calgary was blasted with a surprise helping of snow shortly before the evening commute. Snow continued falling in some parts of the province through the overnight hours into Friday. 

The same low pressure system is forecast to bring rain to parts of the Prairies through Friday. 10-20 mm of rain is expected to fall in southern sections of Manitoba, including Winnipeg. Spring showers are also forecast in Saskatchewan. On Thursday, strong winds whipped across the province. A gust of 65 km/h was recorded in Regina, while the winds clocked in at 52 km/h in Saskatoon.

You likely won't find too many people complaining about this week's wet weather, however. After less snow than usual over the winter, some farmers in Alberta are fearing drought this summer, along with an increased forest fire risk. Any incoming rain or snow will bring much-needed moisture to the region. 

For more details on what to expect with the weather, be sure to check your local forecast

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