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Heavy snow flattens golf dome in Waterloo, Ontario

Staff writers
February 13, 2013 — Last week's storm proved to be too much for a sports facility in Waterloo, Ontario.

Heavy snow leads to dome collapse last week
Heavy snow leads to dome collapse last week

40 cm of snow piled up in Waterloo late last week, resulting in the collapse of a local golf dome.

Officials at Max's Golf Centre say they closed on time Thursday night with no obvious problems from the weight of the snow. 

By 9 am on Friday however, the dome was completely deflated. 

No one was injured in the collapse, but a store manager says it couldn't have come at a worse time. 

With golfers eager to practice their swing and Family Day just around the corner, they're hoping to be back in business as soon as possible. 

On Tuesday, maintenance crews will start to try and re-inflate the dome, a famous landmark that has attracted people to the Waterloo region for decades.

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