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High fire risk in Manitoba

Staff writers
May 1, 2012 — Over 50 fires have been reported in Manitoba so far this season and officials say the province is at a high-risk for human-started fires.

"A lot of smoke from the fire somewhere near Selkirk" -- Linda Leger
"A lot of smoke from the fire somewhere near Selkirk" -- Linda Leger

Dry conditions this spring have helped to fuel several grass fires across Manitoba.

Arson however, is to blame for the most recent blaze in Selkirk.

The large grass fire spread to a scrap yard over the weekend and required water bombers to help extinguish the flames. Seven fire departments were also called in to work on containing the blaze.

Investigators determined that the grass fire was deliberately set and then blew into the metal processing scrap yard.

Rain forecast through Wednesday
Rain forecast through Wednesday

A low snowpack from the winter combined with a dry and windy spring has kept fire officials on high alert over the past couple of months.

Fire bans are in place in some rural communities and residents are urged to check with their municipality before considering a burn.

According to the province's website on Monday, there were 12 forest or brush fires burning in Manitoba. Two were considered to be out of control.

The good news is, rain is in the forecast. Up to 30 mm of rain could fall in parts of the province through Wednesday.

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